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A training school was established for WAVE recruits in October 1951.Circa 1959, male recruit training at Bainbridge was closed and male recruit training was only in Great Lakes, Illinois and San Diego, California.A maintenance staff remained active to protect the buildings from weather and other damage.In mid-1950, with the advent of the Korean War crisis, plans were made to reactivate the center, and it was officially reopened on 1 February 1951, when Captain Robert Hall Smith took overall command.Congress specified that before any sale, the Secretary of the Navy was required to "restore such property to a condition that meets all applicable Federal and State of Maryland environmental protection regulations" (Public Law 99-956). The center was divided into four activities, each with its own commanding officer: The Administrative Command was responsible for the various tasks and services necessary in running a center containing about 35,000 inhabitants.Tasks included base maintenance, physical security, fire protection, logistics, material procurement, medical care, religious services, transportation, and so on.The necessary renovations and road work were accomplished ahead of schedule, and the center reopened its gates for recruits on 5 April 1951.

It was active from 1942 to 1976 under the Commander of the Fifth Naval District, based in Norfolk, Virginia.

By the end of World War II, the center had trained 244,277 recruits who transferred to various ships and stations throughout the world.

USNTC Bainbridge also trained new boot camp graduates and other sailors in technical and other skills.

Located on the appropriated campus of the Tome School for boys, the training center sat between various important naval centers of World War II: about 35 miles (56 km) northeast of Baltimore, Maryland, and 75 miles (121 km) from Washington, D. It was reached via Maryland Route 222, about halfway between US 1 and US 40.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt personally approved the site, which was seized from the Tome School by Congressional order.

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The first 500 recruits who graduated as seamen recruits on 23 June 1951.

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