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This technique was used by spirit mediums in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and continues to be employed today.Regardless of the mechanism, it impressed Stowell and he hired Joseph on the spot.This is called a “hot reading” and it may lie behind much of what people assumed was Smith’s clairvoyance both in his formative years and occasionally thereafter. Bennett, who in the early 1840s occupied a place of importance in the Latter-day Saint church, the prophet used such a technique in Nauvoo.If Bennett’s 1842 exposé can be believed, Smith convinced people that he was “not far from omniscient” by assembling information gathered from spies and informants.The fifty-­five-­year-old father had just spent the previous summer with other men in northeastern Pennsylvania digging for a lost Spanish mine which a seeress named Odle had located.Neither the mine nor its treasure was discovered, but the stubborn Presbyterian from New Hampshire refused to abandon the hunt—his faith in scrying remaining strong.Maybe a friend accompanied him on a visit to South Bainbridge and then unwittingly passed on information to Smith. One could position oneself outside a window and hear Josiah telling his son about various changes made to the farm.If Smith used a form of “hot reading” with Stowell, he would not be the first, nor would he be the last, psychic to do so.

We cannot know exactly how Smith convinced Stowell of his ability to see such objects more than a hundred miles away. 70]possible methods would be those used by present-day psychics in what is called a “cold reading.” This involves moving gradually from general to more specific statements based on educated guesses and reactions from the client.

had included “damage for not working land according to agreement.” A possible solution came from over a hundred miles away through a new acquaintance, Josiah Stowell, who was a well-to-do farmer from South Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York.

Stowell had evidently made his way on the recently completed Erie Canal to visit his oldest son, Simpson, in Manchester.

Perhaps informed by a letter from Simpson, Stowell made the long journey to upstate New York in part, according to Lucy, “with the view of getting Joseph to assist him in digging for a silver mine …

on account of having heard that he possessed certain keys, by which he could discern things invisible to the natural eye.” The young scryer was invited to Simpson’s house to provide the old gentleman with a demonstration of his gift.

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She believed that they deserved better, and she longed for the day when they would regain their former status, when they would again own their own land and live in their own house.