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We just fell asleep though." PHOTOS: Evan's best red carpet looks Wood, 27, who revealed she was bisexual after splitting from fiance Marilyn Manson in 2011, stuck by her new love's side at the Hammer Museum’s annual Gala in the Garden in Los Angeles on Oct. According to , Wood and 36-year-old Moennig "were holding hands" and "kept close all night." PHOTOS: Celebrity couples "Evan is crazy about Katherine.

She had a crush on her for years but now can act on it," a source tells Us.

Kath had a truckload of artistic genes passed to her by her parents. Moennig III makes the violin, a craft that could have something to do with his own father William Moennig who grew up in Markneukirchen, a small town in Germany famed for musical instruments.

Additionally, he is an incredible artist who can paint, draw and sculpt anything he sees.

Her first interest in acting was sparked when she was 10 years old, a time when her best friend motivated her to act in a children’s theater.Like most aspiring actors, Kath began by doing commercials, one of which was for the now-defunct Fleet Bank.It didn’t take long before Kath found her footing in Hollywood.Her dad is the maternal half-sister of veteran actress Blythe Danner who is Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom.That makes Blythe and her brother Harry Danner who is also an actor Moennig’s half-aunt and half-uncle respectively.

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Among them are Holly Miranda, Amanda Moore, and Evan Rachel Wood.

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