Who is tie domi dating

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Brandon Prust, a forward for the Montreal Canadiens, is dating the stunning and bubbly Maripier Morin, who is now on the television show Hockey Wives.

Prust was allegedly caught cheating in March 2011 with Michelle Trachtenberg, according to Bleacher Report.

Sharp’s name has been thrown around with so many cheating allegations and rumours that it’s almost too common to be coincidental. There’s been rumours circulating that Sharp slept with another woman, who just happens to be his team mate’s wife. That would be Duncan Keith’s wife, Kelly- Rae Keith, according to Rant Sports.

It sounds like Domi was as fired up at home as he was on the ice.Who wouldn’t want to date or marry a professional athlete? Dating a professional athlete comes with sacrifices including long road trips, risks of being uprooted, and not spending as much time with the man of your dreams, which can all cause disruptions in the relationship.Distance can take its toll on any relationship; however, when you’re an idolized NHL player, there is endless temptation on the road, especially when you’re away from your wife.Sheldon Souray married Angelica Bridges in 2002, before the couple divorced in 2007.Angelica was an actress and Playboy model who is best known for her role on Baywatch.

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Sadly, the pair has been separated for some time, however Duff expressed hoping to work things out down the road.