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Who is pierre from simple plan dating

A string of hits like “I’d Do Anything,” “Addicted,” “Perfect,” and “Welcome to My Life.” A worldwide legion of fans who can testify to the power of one of the fiercest live shows ever to hit the boards.So for their crucial third album the group could just head back into the studio and do just what’s worked so well in the past, right? Welcome to “SIMPLE PLAN,” not just an album but a statement of artistic ambition and growth from the Montreal-based quintet.We wanted to do this tour to celebrate the emotional connection we all share with these songs.We hope these shows can make you feel like a kid again, make you want to sing your heart out and bring you back to a time where nothing mattered except listening to music, hanging out with friends and going to concerts.Follow @pierrebouvier on twitter or instagram to keep up with his posts.Jay Bouvier is one of two older brothers of Simple Plan's Pierre Bouvier. While Simple Plan was in Brazil, Lachelle was of course with Pierre, in January of 2007 the two decided ot stay in Brazil a few extra days to enjoy the weather.The best part is that we got to do it all with the same 5 friends who started the band together; we couldn't be more proud of that!

So many of you have told us how much these songs have meant to you over the years and how this record had a big impact on your lives.

Our Canadian shows are always extremely special to us and it really breaks our hearts to have to make this announcement,” the band’s announcement said.

“We hope you will understand the situation and the fact that we didn't come to this conclusion lightly or easily.

We could’ve made another record like the second one and it would’ve been well-received by our fan base. Bouvier and Comeau immersed themselves in the writing process and when fall rolled in, the band had assembled a pretty extensive collection of songs. “Everybody was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, this is great,’ but nothing was sticking out as being really fresh,” Comeau says. We had strong songs, but they weren’t really where we wanted to go.” At that point, the band knew they had to rethink their approach.

But the new stuff was so exciting to us, and you have to follow that if you want to grow.” Bouvier agrees that, at times, ‘we didn’t know if we were on the right track with something cool or if we were just losing our minds.” But, he adds, that was not necessarily a bad thing. A high regard for recent work by Justin Timberlake and fellow Canadian Nelly Furtado led the group to Danja, a young producer on the rise who had been thriving under Timbaland’s wing for many years — and who, coincidentally, had also targeted Simple Plan as one of the groups he wanted to work with as he expanded into the rock realm.

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“We were just trying to make a record that will leave a little more of a mark.” Drummer Chuck Comeau adds that “there was sort of a realization we needed to shake things up and really take chances and just go for it.

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