Who is kardashian mom dating

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Who is kardashian mom dating

Gamble has shared photos of his suits on social media and mentioned the designer brands he has worn.He is also close friends with designer Tommy Hilfiger.In a post that Jenner shared on social media, she called Gamble her “Ride or die” and she also commented on how “amazing” he was, and expressed her love for him.

Gamble has posted several photos of himself in some picturesque destinations, and often his view is seen from the comfort of a private yacht.At least, he is when it comes to a particular team, the Dallas Cowboys.Gamble posted this photo, showing himself in full Cowboys gear (noticeable by the team’s star logo, which is representative of Texas, The Lone Star State).Gamble has also shared their connection publicly, even posting a photo of himself all suited up next to Bieber, and writing, “Uncle nephew.” The Kardashian-Jenner clan have become an authority on all things style and beauty related, and they are major influencers.Kris Jenner, like her daughters, always looks impeccably groomed and has some of the best outfits money can buy, and her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, also appears to have an interest in fashion.

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