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In ​ The Delectable Negro: Human Consumptions and Homoeroticism within US Slave Culture ​ , Vincent Woodard takes seriously how various slave narratives accuse masters and slavers of consuming black bodies.This book pushes back against some of the more 'sugar-coated' notions of plantation culture circulating in the US imaginary.But we made ours first and got it out of the gate first.

Readers of these poems should expect full immersion into a world of spirits and bodies, of slave ships and libations for, as brown cautions, " if these things/ remain locked a haunting occurs.

This is a beautiful, sweet, charming story and the Blake Harris screenplay really does combine fantasy and adventure, with just enough threat and danger from the evil, mustache-twirling circus manager to keep things interesting. There were difficulties with this combination, but the rewards were massive.

The movie defies everything you have always been told not to do in making a movie: no children, no animals, no historical period piece, no water, and surely no mermaids. It is an ambitious project and we were up against the original Hans Christian Anderson, then the original Disney animation too, and all these other competing versions, including the planned Disney live-action with music by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Alan Mencken, and another live-action version by Universal.

Readers will encounter classic slave narratives, non-fictional biographical materials, novels, criticism, and legal documentation used as examples throughout.

While one may hold on to a degree of skepticism when starting this text, the sheer quantity of examples, dating as early as the 16​th​ century, will leave readers questioning the impulse to discount the evidence and reckon with larger questions concerning our shared humanity and inhuman ways.

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Molloy grew up in Tampa and is excited to make his first indie film — and is already planning the next one.

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