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Once the request is accepted you have them in your contacts, and you can set a tag to rember them such as "tour guide" or "guy from bar." This is an easy and free way to communicate since you may not have a SIM to call locally or internationally.In addition to easily storing contacts, you can send and recieve contacts from others as well as group invites.

Where Western social media is mostly blocked, We Chat and QQ are the giants of social messaging in China.It was very easy and convenient and we needed very little cash from ATMs, if at all.” — Victor and Mary Ann Cognato, China Highlights customers in 2018 (Our staff, like Lissy Xu, can help you with We Chat.) However, with increasing regulation of We Chat payments etc.in China in 2019, Unlike Twitter or Facebook, a We Chat 'moment' is only visible to accounts on your We Chat friend list. So you can share pictures or short videos on your Moments screen. It's also special in that if two of your friends don't add each other, they are not able to see the comments between you.The following introduction focuses on the app version for phones.Read on to find out what you can do with these two platforms.

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Link your bank account details and you can make a "Quick Pay" without cash.