Van hansis is dating

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Van hansis is dating

By shooting with a skeleton crew we were able to take the characters out of their comfort zone in a way that few television shows have been able to.I’m amazed at how the series has grown over the last five years and we couldn’t ask for a better partner than Wolfe Video.”is produced by Williamson, who plays Cal, and his husband, Halbalch, who portrays Ian.Van Hansis, who plays Thom, will also return, along with Brianna Brown (Cal’s sister Hillary), Traci Lords (Cal’s mom Val) and Matthew Mc Kelligon (Jeremy).An early preview of the new season will be shown at three film festivals, including Cinema Diverse!Driving home one night, Jake Silbermann's car is hit by something.Managing to barely escape with his life, Jake realizes that the animal that attacked him wasn't an animal at all. Having been bitten, he's beginning to change into something not quite human.

Van Hansis was nominated for Outstanding Actor in a Digital Drama for his role as Thom.

Of course, it was not only fantastic to meet Kit for the first time, but to also catch up with Van Hansis, who we had not spoken with since the final week of airshows for back in September of 2010.

There have been so many burning questions that fans have continually wanted to have answers to since that time, such as: what did Van think of Luke’s final days on ATWT after Reid was killed and he was left as the only character without a happy ending?

A new job, a new start with the one man he doesn't think he can ever stop wanting. If he had, he knows it would have gone differently.

Now, he had to contend with an acting partner that he never saw coming, feelings he should not be having and the decision whether taking a chance on the unknown is worth risking giving up everything he knows.

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He needs to hide from the people that now want him dead for reasons he doesn't really understand.

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