Validating survey questions

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Validating survey questions

e Surveys Pro helps you develop your surveys quickly -- and save your specialized questions to assure consistency from survey to survey.

The different types of questions provided by e Surveys Pro are as follows: Single Select: When you want respondents to choose just one alternative, use a single select question.

e Surveys Pro allows you to control how responses are displayed and require that respondents select a certain number of items (e.g., "select the two most important factors.").

Multiple Select: Multiple select (or multiple choice) questions allow respondents to choose several different responses to a specific question.

e Surveys Pro offers limited and unlimited open-ended questions.

Limited text questions require the respondent to provide a brief answer, whereas the unlimited text questions allow users to enter as much text as they want.

Numeric Value: The principal advantage to using a numeric value format is that you obtain an actual number from each respondent.

This is especially valuable in measuring central tendency and median.

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In your data analysis, you can assess the demographic results based on each radio station, or each set of radio stations.

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