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Updating camera raw

I’m sure this will take some time for all of us to digest and adjust how we refer to these apps.In what is sure to be one of the most popular aspects of this update, the new Texture control has been added to Lightroom Classic, the cloud-based Lightroom (Windows, Mac, i OS, Android, and Chrome OS), and the Camera Raw plug-in for Photoshop. As a global adjustment, Texture can be found in the Basic panel of Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw, or in the Effects panel in the cloud-based versions of Lightroom.Then select the calibration frame and the actual photo in the Library module and go to Library Flat-Field Correction.The tool takes over from there and uses the calibration frame to remove the cast and produce a corrected DNG version of the original photo.This Home view will eventually get added to Lightroom Desktop too (Windows and Mac).

Well, that plug-in has been updated and is now built right into the Library module of Lightroom Classic.If you have a camera and lens combination that suffers from this problem you can use the new Flat-Field Correction tool to remove the vignetting and color cast.The Flat-Field Correction requires what is called a calibration frame, which is a second photo with the same lighting and lens settings (lens, aperture, focal length, and focusing distance) as the actual photo, but shot through a plastic diffusion card (such as an Expo Disc® or similar).As you might surmise by the name, this control is all about enhancing texture (with a positive Texture value) or reducing the appearance of texture detail (with a negative Texture value).Texture hones in on medium-sized detail (like the rough surface of the rocks, the jeans, or the leather boots in the first photo) and by doing this can enhance ( ) or reduce (-) the appearance of those details with less of an affect on the finer details (like the pores in skin of the second photo) .

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There were a series of under-the-hood updates to various aspects of Lightroom Classic to improve overall performance.

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