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We will check the status of the corporation to make sure that only the one return is outstanding.

The cost will be with no changes or .85 with changes.

Not only is it expected that ABULCs will have immediate popularity for those seeking to incorporate new hybrid entities, but also that many NSULCs may convert themselves to ABULCs by continuing under the ABCA. Practitioners should note that the shareholder liability provisions for ABULCs are different from those that apply to NSULCs.

While the relatively low tax rates enjoyed in the province of Alberta (note also that there are no provincial capital or sales taxes of general application), the strong business community and levels of commerce in Alberta and the high administrative and incorporation fees charged under the NSCA are expected to fuel the demand for ABULCs, many consider that ABULCs may be preferred over NSULCs because of the differences between the governing statutes. NSULC shareholders have unlimited liability to the creditors on the wind-up of an NSULC if the assets are insufficient to pay its debts and liabilities on dissolution.

We can email you an e-invoice – just click on the link to pay it.

Once payment is received, we will complete the return and email back to you a proof of filing.

If you get in the habit of papering meetings right away and keeping your corporate records up to date, it really will not be as onerous as you might think.

This article was originally published in Blakes Bulletin on Cross-Border Tax - May 2005 Article by Doug Richardson and Wanda Rumball, 2005, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Amendments to the Business Corporations Act (Alberta) (the ABCA) providing for the incorporation of unlimited liability corporations are now law.

The introduction of the Alberta unlimited liability corporation (the ABULC) has been anticipated by practitioners for some time.

Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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Whether you have organized your corporation in Delaware, California or any other state, your existence as a corporate entity begins with the filing of your organizational “Certificate of Incorporation Certificate of Incorporation” or “Articles of Incorporation” (states differ on what they call this document; Delaware uses “Certificate of Incorporation”).

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Previously, the only Canadian jurisdiction permitting the creation of a company with unlimited shareholder liability has been Nova Scotia.

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