Tennis matches football dating

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Tennis matches football dating

Federer-Nadal 2008 may be second, but there is no way it surpasses Borg-Mc Enroe.

I suspect few of the voters have actually watched the Borg-Mc Enroe match - other than perhaps the movie.

The best one ever watched in 30 years as a tennis fan. Even Federer Fans know their hearts were down for Andy Roddick as a Wimbledon champion.Two human beings totally in flow, in the moment for hours on end producing impossible magical shots, I have goose bumps remembering it.I phoned everyone I knew to watch it, including non tennis fans, all totally gripped.The only way this match would have been perfect is if Roddick would have found a way to win.Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal (Australian Open 2017 Final) For most tennis fans, this was the dream final.

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