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While searching long distance bike tours way back in the early 2000's, the TDA site came up. Wow- people- 'ordinary people-doing extraordinary things' actually participated in those rides, and lived to tell about it!They didn't get killed by lions or headhunters or...Fast forward to 2008 TDA and there we were,at the Pyramids, 60 strangers from 14 different countries about to have the ride/total experience of our lives.It was incredible, just like cycling through the pages of the National Geographic, every day for 4.5 months- i was hooked!Graduated in Visual Communications (photography and graphic design) After more than a decade of annual and occasional bike touring with my family and friends in the late 80's and 90's, a few seasons of mountain bike racing, and quite few years of just sitting in an office, in 2005 I've read a magazine article about the Tour of Freaks... the Tour d'Afrique, it made me wonder if it is even doable?Next January I found myself in Cairo at the start line of the 4th edition of TDA, and completed the full tour successfully.

I am a weekend warrior when it comes to riding bikes having coordinated multi-day, fundraising bike rides in Sonora, Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

To date we (B4H Victoria) have collected and shipped 11 container loads of bikes to 3 African countries- Two container loads each to Namibia & Uganda and 7 to Malawi ( 5000 bikes spare parts to date and counting!

) So fortunate and blessed to be able to give back...

Since then, I did a couple of Orient Express tours, Amber Route, Trans Europa, Odyssey and Pub Ride.

In 2007 I also crossed the Himalaya by bike, riding from Lhasa to Kathmandu including a ride to Mount Everest North face base camp where this photograph was taken. My brother Troy (who will be on this ride) and I discovered Tibet’s fabled "Lost Falls of the Brahmaputra” in 1997.

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I have been having the time of my life since the year 2002 when I wound up my business interests in North Queensland Australia.

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