Solaris wtmpx not updating

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Solaris wtmpx not updating

/var/adm/lastlog:this file is an array of fixed-sized binary records, containing asingle timestamp (time of last login), the tty name, and for remotelogins, the host name or IP (in text form, but only 16 characterslong). That means the filemay appear gigantic, but it's actually sparse on disk, not nearly aslarge as it appears.

But most copy/backup/archive utilities do notpreserve sparseness, so they would produce a copy that was as large asit appeared.

The principle is that those files * should be left in the same state whether or not accounting is run, so * that they reflect ongoing logins at the time they are cleaned out as * well as subsequent login/logout activity.

* --- cut here ---- (remove up to and including the "|" on the left, too) * |#!

If you don't care to roll over data from utmp[x] to wtmp[x] as accounting does (which you could do even if you don't run accounting, simply by zeroing the wtmp[x] files and then running my utmp2wtmp replacement), for the purposes of not making the above "who" command misleading, it would probably be better to zero both /var/adm/wtmp and /var/adm/wtmpx as nearly simultaneously as possible.I've attached the source for a program that willdump out this file in readable form.Remember, there's only one entryper UID, so it will show only the single most recent login time (evenif they're logged in more than once at a time), and it does not showlogouts.=NULL) fclose(fp); #ifdef WTMPXSYNC if ((fp=fopen(WTMPX_FILE,"a ")) == NULL) (void) time(&now); while ((uxp=getutxent())!=NULL) #endif return(0); ============================== Cut here ========================== try the following one as /etc/rc S.d/S71clean_wtmpx best regards from vienna hans #!

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