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She sure knew how to pick her odds in this game of fate. Ravenclaw Racketeers are a group of sly, underhand Ravenclaws who cause subtle trouble with their challenges. "My eyes are up here, Havoc." Havoc’s attention – and that of all the rest gathered at the table – immediately snapped to the blond’s face, eyes wide in shock. Seven years later, she sees him again and revenge is still top of her list of things-to-do. Entry for Kish's Kittie's AU contest Plucked from his homeland of Besaid by an escaped prisoner, Vidina begins an adventure throughout all of Spira, a quest to fix the mistakes left behind by the last generation of adventurers. Ami's Always Right Now that Ikuto and Amu have been hiding their relationship for awhile, Ikuto wants Amu to let all the gaurdians know she's his.

)Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Aquamarine Height: 5'7Weight: None of your damn business DXBirthday: 1st October Likes: Anime, Manga, drawing, writing, cooking, photography, my wonderful friends and my irritating family, flamers (even though shes only ever received one on her first published (now deleted) fan fiction)("I WANT A FLAME!! " D:)Dislikes: Crappy club music (how is pissing with other peoples music being creative?

He descended his mouth upon hers, tantalizingly slow, and massaged her lips gently with his tongue. What would your fiancé say if he saw you doing this?

Can she cope with her imprisonment until the storm's over? R/IIchigo is worried that Masaya is going to give her her first kiss... What happens in the nightclub, deffinately can't stay in the nightclub!

Now, General Riza Hawkeye reports to Headquarters for her first day in her new office.

Haruhi XTamaki Yesterday was a day of national celebration. Will they find the killer or end up killing one other? But don't be fooled; it's not all sunshine on daisies.

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To make matters worse she has to deal with the new transfer student whose favourite past time seems to be stalking her. She was going to give that guy a piece of her mind! Fred x OC, George x Luna100 different themes, 100 different chances, 100 different memories that show what life as techs and weapons are really all about...twisted, romantic, crack events and all - Mainly Soulx Maka, side BSx Tsu and other characters/pairings sprinkled in Ichiruki.

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