Sedating agents

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Sedating agents

They are used to calm patients before childbirth or surgery.

Restlessness in invalids, profound grief in adults, and overexcitement in children can be controlled by medically supervised sedation.

They may be classified, according to the organ most affected, as cardiac, gastric, etc.Patients were recruited during a 2-year data collection period.The planned sample size of 175 patients was determined by using a power calculation based on testing for a significant partial correlation ( 0.2) in a multivariate analysis (at α= .05) with at least 80% power., which also have a calming effect but unlike sedatives usually do not suppress bodily reactions.Sedatives may be classified according to the organ most affected, such as cardiac, gastric, and so on. The degree of relaxation produced varies with the kind of sedative, the dose, the means of administration, and the mental state of the patient.

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Therefore, the first step in improving patients’ outcomes is to systematically describe physiological status and comfort outcomes for various levels of sedation.

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