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Therefore, the Secular Humanist sees no place for the supernatural or immaterial.

"There is no place in the Humanist worldview for either immortality or God in the valid meanings of those terms.

READ MORE Humanist Sociology – Non-Traditional Family, Church, and State Humanists use sociology to explain the huge gulf between their view that man is capable of perfection and the real world of evil.

They say civilization and culture shape the individual.

Since you can’t observe God, hell, the human mind or spirit, or conduct experiments on them they can’t – and don’t – exist.

READ MORE Secular Ethics – Moral Relativism Since the Secular Worldview rejects the existence of God, human beings get to decide on standards and values.

One of the most stifling of human institutions is the family.

Just as man is seen as the final world in ethics, the world state is seen as the only source for legal “truth.” The Humanist believes that crime is more the fault of the social order than an inherent flaw in the criminal.

READ MORE Secular Politics – Liberalism, Progressivism, Secular World Government According to the Secular Worldview, Humanists believe that the world government is the next logical step on man’s evolutionary road to utopia, as man is now conscious of his evolution and is responsible to direct it.

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Secular Worldview – The Individual Elements The Secular Worldview is a comprehensive view of the world from a materialistic, naturalistic standpoint.

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READ MORE Secular Philosophy – Naturalism Naturalism says that only matter exists – things you can touch, feel, and study.

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