Ruth negga and robert sheehan dating

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Ruth negga and robert sheehan dating

In 2016, she began a starring role as Tulip O'Hare in AMC's Preacher.

She also provided voice acting in the video game Dark Souls II, playing Shanalotte, otherwise known as "the Emerald Herald".

Since then, the actor has been solidly on our screens with regular roles in C4's period drama Ethiopian-Irish actress Negga had a memorable one-series shot as Nikki, who died in the series two Christmas special.

Her rise to TV and movie stardom has been remarkable.

She has also played roles in television, such as in the BBC mini-series Criminal Justice, RTÉ's Love/Hate, E4's Misfits, and ABC's Marvel's Agents of S. Prior to this, she had been working mostly in theatre.

She went on to play the lead role of Mary in Isolation the following year.

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