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This brother in the Lord saw the need to create not only a truly Christian online singes website, but a specifically Reformed Christian online singes website. So in 2005, Dean Scott had Sovereign Grace (SGS) up and running.Once it was, many friends who had been on the previously mentioned “Christian” website were alerted about this new Reformed website – a site that would be specifically for us who were different in our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ than those in mainline churches. I’m very thankful for the sister in the Lord who led me, and many others, to it, as I soon realized this site was indeed legitimate.We met, spent a few days together, and in parting ways both of us agreed to remain as friends.

When appropriate ask about how they handle their finances. If it is a long-distance relationship, ask, am I prepared for long intervals apart?

Am I prepared to be faithful, both mentally and physically? If so, the very first thing to do is get your relationship with God right. Enjoy time with and serve your local Body of Christ. One of them – whether online or not – may just turn out to be a lifelong love, blessed by God and truly joyful.

Do the work the Lord has given you for employment or vocation with all your heart.

They have built their marriage on this and the promises of God’s infallible word.

This was the doing of the Lord and she credits me for being used by the Lord as to the one who introduced her to the riches of the Reformed faith. At this same time the Lord had begun to stir an interest in someone I’d soon get to know.

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I also discovered some of the pros and cons of online dating.

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