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Radiometric dating earth science

many elements were radioactive nor what their decay products might be, since radioisotopes had yet to be discovered and there was no instrument available that could measure radioactivity.Nevertheless, Rutherford's brilliant insights allowed him to suggest that radioactivity might be used as a 'clock' to date the formation of some naturally occurring minerals and therefore the rocks that contained them.The oldest date increased the age of the Earth by an order of magnitude.Although by modern standards these results were not very accurate, for instance the age of the Glastonbury uraninite has been recalculated to 265 Ma, Boltwood's technical developments were of enormous importance.

Joined Cavendish laboratory in Cambridge (1895), professor in Mc Gill University, Canada (1898), Manchester (1907). Frederick Soddy, 1877-1937, English radiochemist, Oxford trained, worked with Rutherford at Mc Gill University, Canada and became professor of chemistry at Glasgow, Aberdeen and Oxford, discovered and named 'isotopes' and awarded Nobel prize for chemistry in 1921.

Marie and Pierre Curie, 1867-19-1906 respectively, French physicist couple (she was Polish born), worked on magnetism and radioactivity (a term she coined in 1898), jointly awarded Nobel prize for physics with Becquerel in 1906.

She gained a second Nobel for chemistry in 1911 for isolating pure radium.

In the same year, an American radiochemist, Bertram Boltwood, went on to provide the first reasonably accurate means of dating the formation of certain minerals within the Earth.

Boltwood studied at Yale then in Germany and, on returning to America, worked to improve the analytical techniques of radiochemistry pioneered by his friend Rutherford, who at this time was Bertram Boltwood, 1870-1927, American radiochemist, studied at Yale and in Germany, returned to Yale as professor (from 1897).

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discovered that a lump of radium mineral that he carried around in his pocket burned his skin.

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