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"I'm straight, let me put that out there."Who do you get the most offers from, boys or girls? ' I've got a lot of heart-felt notes from gay teens who have told me that this character has helped them come out to their family, because Andrew is a strong individual and is gay and doesn't care. "I've got a girlfriend, so of course I fend it off, but it's sort of nice."Come on, you must be tempted? "I've been out of the game since the start of Desperate Housewives but I certainly wouldn't use that line because you only pick up the sleazy girls that way. What if Shawn Pyfrom lied about having a girlfriend? I was so in love with him, but as close as we were, he didn't feel the same way about me.It's made them feel like there's nothing wrong with being who they are. "I've never been hit on by more 40 and 50 year-old women in my entire life. Back around 2006, he gave an interview saying he wouldn't date actresses, and that he's had the same girlfriend for the last five years. Tyler and Colton are each wearing a pound of full makeup. But he had more gay male friends than he did straight ones.I wonder how much one of Shawn's paintings sells for, and are his paintings in themselves worth the price?Or are the prices inflated because of the artist's celebrity status from being on "Desperate Housewives"? They seem to be pretty good friends, and it always seemed to me that Shawn had a crush on Will Peltz's sister Nicola Peltz.Was his interpretation not limp-wristed enough for you? Hell, let's be super generous and give him a 50% residual premium. This […]Nu-Mode´ Magazine #9 "The Awakening" Autumn/Winter Edition Coming into the ninth edition, this issue captures the rebirth of Nu-Mode´. all the hot gays are bearded (the hairy kind) these i must leave before this thread infects my brain. Made a few decent bucks, working numerous seasons on a show that's now in syndication isn't a bad living, even in the small role he was in. He didn't make much money off the show and hasn't acted much since.Shawn probably made, at most, 17-22k an episode for Desperate Housewives. Changing our interface, we wanted to deliver an art gallery in the palm of your hands, with exclusive interviews from Carine Roitfeld, Fabien Constant, Shawn Pyfrom, Femme En Fourrure, Lapalux and many more. He had a fucking BEARD recently (the hairy kind, not the female kind). That said, I don't know where R123 got that pic, but it's definitely of Shawn sitting in the business class section of an international flight. (Wouldn't surprise me in the least if he had a sugar daddy btw.)What's this "Shawn and Colton in London" crap? Nor did he say anything when another poster said, "I don't think Shawn labels himself."So, it seems he's not saying anything one way or another at this point.Does he have a crush on her, or is she just his fag hag? He likes to hang out with Just Jared (probably not on a 1-on-1 basis). He just left a comment on one of Colton's childhood photos wearing glasses, "amazing."How promiscuous do you think Colton is? One day, he had a nice cushy job on "Desperate Housewives" and then another day, he's no longer too relevant, other than hanging out with other TV celebs his own age.One of Shawn's twitter followers tweeted, "It would be cute if @shawn_pyfrom dated Vanessa rather than Austin," and Shawn responded, "with all respect and love; austin is perfect for vanessa. I appreciate it, but he's right for her."(To tell you the truth, I get the impression that Shawn has the hots for Austin Butler)And today, Shawn posted a photo of Vanessa from her new movie GIMME SHELTER, saying, "my heart is still aching... I wonder why C-list celebrities hang out with Just Jared? Do you think Colton has put out for Shawn, or do you think Colton thinks he's too good for Shawn? It must be hard for him, he's not getting much in the way of work.

I don't know if straight guys like Sigur Ros or not, or if Sigur Ros is exclusively a gay artist.

He also loves Bjork and the movie DANCING IN THE DARK. I don't know if Shawn is someone who comes across as sexy, not like Colton or Tyler, but he's someone who knows how to work being cute and adorable.

And of course, there was that series of gushing tweets about how wonderful James Blake is. He confuses me a little bit because on one hand, he seems like a wannabe socialite, always hanging with Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Colton Haynes, Pete Wentz, etc., but on the other hand, he seems really down-to-earth and also kind of a loner.[R171] No, just his behavior.

Honestly, it was my favorite movie this year and it’s not just because I’m biased to Lance. It makes me hopeful for possibly what I can do as a young person. This was before he was hanging out with Colton Haynes. [quote]This was before he was hanging out with Colton Haynes. This all know this was before Colton put his spell on Shawn and turned him out. - shawn"I wonder if he'll be publicly acknowledging his sexuality at all this year? He'd read the same New Age books, write the same kind of love woo-woo blog entries on his myspace.

He’s written such an amazing script at such a young age.”'From the March 2010 Issue of Gay Times: Andrew had a strict, controlling mum and turned out gay, what about you? I was sitting in a bar ordering a milk shake when a guy came up to me and said, 'Will you marry me? I'm going to turn him straight.'"And you let them try? They come up to me and tell me I'm a bad boy and I'm like 'Whoa, at least take me out to dinner first.'"So have you ever used "I'm on TV" to chat up a girl? Like Colton has done to so many other "straight" dudes, the current one being Tyler. This friend was straight, but I so wanted him to be bisexual.

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Obviously not rolling in the dough, but most would be so lucky. Colton returned to the US, while Shawn moved on to Paris and Versailles. :)That makes sense that they're just friends with benefits that hook up a few times a year. He likes D'Angelo, who he first got exposed to via that naked music video for "Untitled (How Does It Feel)"?