Pros consolidating police agencies

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Pros consolidating police agencies

Most of the general-purpose local police departments are small, with 81 percent (11,015) employing fewer than twenty-five full-time sworn officers, 42 percent (5,737) employing fewer than five officers, and 7.5 percent (1,022) relying on only part-time officers (Reaves and Goldberg, 1999).Others are special-purpose agencies with responsibility for a specific territory (such as a park or an airport) or function (such as enforcing alcoholic beverage laws or wildlife regulations).

Over the past century, police organization and management have changed tremendously.The police identify and investigate crimes, the courts hold trials and sentence those found guilty of crimes, and… ) law enforcement agencies are organized along a para-military or semi-military structure it is relatively simple for anyone already trained in military protocols to make the transition from one to the other.A police dept that doesn't care about quality when hiring persons.Some departments or agencies have an unit dedicated to combatting organized crime.Examples would be departments like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Police Department, and so forth. Crime that is executed in an organized fashion, or by an organized group.

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These variations in the size, type, and function of American police agencies make it difficult to establish an ideal method of organization and management applicable to all agencies.

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