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The German government spent close to 75 billion Euros on compensation and restitution to Holocaust survivors between 19, the most recent year for which there is a record, according to figures provided by Martin Chaudhuri, a spokesman for the German Finance Ministry.

However, there are some notices on Vietnam tourist visa for Algeria applicants should consider as below: Regarding the proposed time of staying in Vietnam, Algeria citizens can consider the two applicable visa types of 30 days or 90 days.For details on the charge of visa approval fee, go to the page Vietnam visa fee for Algerians to get updated.The stamping fee, on the other hand, is fixed and charged directly by the Immigration officer at the airport in Vietnam, where the visa is stamped in your passport.Being recognised as victims of the Holocaust now entitles survivors to social services like home care, food and transportation to doctor appointments in local communities funded through the Claims Conference.The vast majority of people affected — about 20,000 — now live in France.

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Monday morning The Claims Conference opens a website where survivors can make an appointment to go to a Help Centre.