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Lovitz and Dick reportedly sorted out their differences and were on good terms for years, but their good relationship didn't last.One night, Lovitz ran into an intoxicated Andy Dick at a restaurant, and Dick allegedly said to him, "I put the Phil Hartman hex on you, you're the next one to die." Lovitz had Dick escorted out, but they ran into each other again a few nights later at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles."I felt we all understood how much harder his job was than ours," she said, commenting on his knack for holding entire sketches together."We wanted him just as he was." His potential ladylove — the "sensuous Gina Russell" — asked Hartman what road sign she should heed before going on a date with him. As the crowd hooted, Hartman clarified, "No, no, no, they've got the wrong idea: I like to swim, and sometimes I get slippery." Though Russell ultimately chose Hartman, she stood him up on their first date, a romantic getaway to the Monterey Peninsula."He would disappear emotionally," said his second wife, Lisa Strain.

He climbed onstage, fell to his knees, and held the misbehaving drum in place for the remainder of the song.

All the while, young Hartman was understandably "in awe" of the rock legend. Describing his time on the show, Lovitz claimed Andy Dick was constantly "complaining and really giving [him] a hard time for no reason." Lovitz said he once lashed out, telling Dick he knew he'd given Brynn cocaine at a Christmas party, thus breaking her decade-long sobriety.

"Well, I wouldn't be here if you hadn't given Brynn coke in the first place," he told Dick.

As he tagged along with the merry band of musicians, he thought everyone involved was "super b*tchen." One night, Rockin Foo performed a gig at short-lived rock venue Thee Experience, which was often crawling with up-and-coming rock acts like Alice Cooper, Joe Cocker, and Poco.

One night, Jimi Hendrix suddenly waltzed into the joint and climbed onstage, proceeding to rock out.

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Steven Small, Hartman's lawyer and friend, said the couple had a conspicuous "pattern of arguing at night" and that Hartman "would go to sleep and everything would be OK in the morning." On the night of the murder, Small thinks Hartman "felt safe going to sleep, and he just shouldn't have." , a little-known 1980 melodrama that's very much a product of its time.