Parents against dating Sex chat conversation messages

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Parents against dating

If you could marry a person who wasn't an idiot or lazy bum, that would be pretty good.

Now, a lot of Asian countries are still quite a bit lagging in their acceptance of "free love".Also, is it an Asian thing to completely disregard a person or a relationship unless the two are married? From what I've extracted from certain conversations with them, they just don't seem to understand the concept of love.I once asked my mom why she married my dad and she told me, "Well he was smart and I wanted to have smart kids."And maybe.She thinks that after we get married he's going to stop giving a shit about me because it'll be "harder for me to dump him" or something like that. I think she knows I want to get married so she told me she'd approve of a white one if he wasn't far away like my bf. This is especially true for Asian countries who have undergone devastating conflicts in the past 100 years (China, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines).Back then, you didn't have the luxury of dating.

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Actually, I don't even think marriage means anything to my parents in terms of how valuable/strong a relationship is. The concept of love marriage is a new concept from the western world.