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You’re going to get into a lot of situations in life, one way or another--you fall into it, or you make a choice and you get there.And at some period of time, you realize okay, this isn’t a good fit for me anymore, whether it’s a friendship, whether it’s a job, whether it’s a house you live in or a place you live.I checked it out on You Tube and then it suggested some Guns and Roses, and some Metallica, Iron Maiden. And, yeah, probably when I was doing a lot of radio interviews after the book came out, I’d say probably at least 30 to 40 percent of the radio interviewers would always lead with Alice Cooper’s No More Mr. We’ll put it in as well, just for the start--just for you. I practiced it; basically became a researcher of going out there and testing what worked.I spend the rest of the day listening to that stuff, which is pretty cool, because I never do that. But really, bottom line I kept coming back to, I had to be a good ender if I was going to be able to take that risk of, as you say, investing your time in a person.He is the author of the best selling book No More Mr. He is a certified marriage and family therapist of 30 years experience and has been working on helping men specifically with the nice guy dilemma for over a decade. [Angel Donovan] When I was actually Googling you preparing for this and doing some research, I came across that song. That's something really in my own self when I started dating, not only did I have to learn a lot of dating skills.He also has a lot of his own personal life experience to share, having been married twice. I actually knew that song, Alice Cooper’s No More Mr. I have to thank you actually, because you actually sent me on this little nostalgia trip. [Angel Donovan] You know what we’ll do for this one? It sounds like I went through a process very similar to yours to realize after the end of a relationship, I had to learn how to date better, so I really studied it.

[Angel Donovan] When you say you’re a good ender, that means being able to observe and see that the relationship’s not good for you, and having the insight, basically the perspective, that this is something you should stop, first of all.

It's poorly explained, if at all when it is discussed. Then I live six to seven months in the wintertime in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Being a good ender can cover a multitude of sins if you’re not the best picker. We’re never good pickers when it comes to first meeting a person, because you have to date them to actually get to know them.

And depending on who is talking about it, they push a different idea of what it actually means. [Angel Donovan] Where do you currently live and what’s your lifestyle like? Robert Glover] My lifestyle is I live half the year in Seattle Washington in the summer. Once you actually get to knowing them, if they’re not a good match, you better be a good ender so you can move on and increase the possibilities of finding women that are a good match for you.

And getting out of the emotion and the passion and whatever else could have been holding you inside the relationship.

And also having the courage to make that decision, is that what you mean by that, or did you mean something a bit different? Robert Glover] Well, all of the above really, because what I realized is that the most successful people in life at any endeavor were good enders.

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