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We fell for each other pretty hard, but she always seemed to have a guard up.

She would blame it on her ex and said that he hurt her so now she is guarded and she doesnt know why.

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I've had those typical crushes on guys (I'm cis girl) since the beginning of time, but only recently I started having feelings for anoth We have an eight year old chocolate lab who has a bite history. Shes never bitten me, my wife, or my kids, but anyone shes bitten has been men outside of our immediate family. We never had the talk but know we are not dating anyone else because we are having sex.

When we were socializing I met this guy 2 months ago Im 29 and hes 35. We try to see each other once a week, he lives I was friends with this girl and we just hung out tand talked, but she has a boyfriend so nothing serious happened.

But she told me she didn't like living with her boyfriend's dad and how she's looking for an apartment.

Hey happy campers, I'm currently in that point in time during high school where I'm just trying to figure my sh*t out.

We went through a little Some time ago, I basically decided that (being the flawed individual that I am), as much as I feel like I would like a special someone in my life, in reality I prefer solitude over the complexities of relationships in the real world.

I've had relatio What classifies a woman as a desirable, good partner? Be a good cook (strong positive), clean for him, have things in common with him, be cool with his friends, understand him, listen, be his friend.. I need some help, I can't figure out if this guy I've been chatting to is actually interested or not.

Our texting admittedly hasnt been great, it's still quite superficial and disjointed.

He generally takes several hours or even a day to respond back clai Hi everyone, My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. Three months into the relationship I made a smart remark, I just had gotten home from work and my boyfriend was in the shower, I was making a drink I've been in therapy on & off for decades.

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And every year, more than 280,000 marry someone they met that way. One survey found that Americans are spending nearly a billion dollars for online dating services.