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Posted by / 19-Apr-2019 05:26

The errors come back the moment I re-enable cloud sync.After contacting support I got an indciation they would look into the problem.That was over 3 weeks ago now and there has been no follow-up. It’s effectively rendered my i OS copy of Net News Wire completely worthless, and also ensures I cannot sync content between my desktop & laptop systems.If you are looking for an RSS reader that syncs between systems, this is most definitely NOT the client you are looking for.How can I get 2008,2007,2006 in order in the legend? Double click on one series, and go to the Series Order tab. Hi, I need to create a demographic chart in Excel, but I can't find the proper chart type. I've gone through all options I can think of for a regular bar chart.

The data has transferred, but the legend shows 2007,2008,2006.Tabs - For the true reading lover, Net News Wire easily keeps track of multiple articles open at the same time.Popular Sites - If you’re just getting started, Net News Wire can suggest some great reading material. I’ve only used it one day, but so far it seems rock stable. Very poor support - Every 5 minutes or so I get a dialogue box announcing a syncing error. DO NOT BUY if you expect Cloud Sync to work - Been a Netnewswire user long before Black Pixel acquired it, so was excited to see it come back from the dead.However, Brent Simmons, the original author of the superior Net News Wire 1-3 releases, has recently been working on a new RSS reader (Evergreen), and I hope that when it is finished I’ll be able to switch from this software to something that’s genuinely high-quality. - After a very long time of “Net News Wire” telling me that it is updating the database, the app simply disappears — or at least it did when I woke up this morning.It disappeared from The Dock too even though I have selected “Keep in Dock”.

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Thanks, Barb Reinhardt We tried recalculating and that didn't do it.