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Nairobi sexhookups

Research has shown that over 30% of men are unable properly fulfill their conjugal duties because they are not aware of how to last longer during sex.

But all hope is not lost as this situation is correctable by applying some simpler and effective tips from the experts.

For most people especially men, their ability to sexually satisfy ones sexual partner raises their self esteem, which is reflected on their day to day lives.

a favorite TV show or just letting the eyes wander around the room.Physical techniques on how to last longer in bed include trying out different sex positions.Using the same position for long makes the body to get used to that and will therefore end up finishing sooner than one may wish.Monotony and predictability in bed is actually a killer of excitement which results in hurried sexual intercourse and thus the partners may not be able to reach their climax.Using multiple styles poses a challenge for the body and provides a new sensation that delays the orgasm.

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Other ways on how to last longer during sex is doing adequate preparation way before the sex occurs.