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As soon as you read it, you’re just like oh, no, okay, alright; I’ve got to get this going. So, I’m just so bloody grateful that it found its way to me because it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever been a part of in any medium.

So, yes, it was just randomly a script that got sent to me.

Yes, I think that the more sort of grounded and real or naturalistic, whatever word you want to use to describe it, the more that we keep our reactions in that realm, the crazier stuff we can do.

So it’s like romance for lack of a better word – this whole stupid thing, there’s nothing like it. You’re sadder than you’ll ever be and, often, stuff in the middle.

It’s something that applies to each and every single one of us and so I like to think that when people see this thing they will see at least one thing they went through.

Do you see any parts of yourself or any parallelisms between you and your character? Not just for him, but, ideally, for every character I play.

I think if I don’t find a way to see part of myself in any character I play then I’m not doing my job completely.

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The surreal series navigates the newly single world of Josh Greenberg as he tries to pull his life together after a bad breakup, and the literal and figurative insanity of that task. I got a call from my manager and [he] said, there’s this really awesome dude called Simon Rich and he wrote an amazing pilot based on his book of short stories and they think you could be the guy.

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