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Method for dating gilgamesh

The skeptic has two immediate objections to this creationist response.

First, he would argue that other dating methods can be used as checks to guard against the possibility of over-counting. “Checks” Not That Helpful Explosive volcanic eruptions increase the amount of sulfuric acid in the atmosphere, and these post-eruption acid spikes can be detected within ice cores, as well as volcanic fragments called within the ice can be used as a check to ensure that the annual layer counts above that specific horizon are accurate.

In fact, one model predicts deep layers having thicknesses hundreds to thousands of times The predictions for specific ice layer thicknesses in the different models are contrasted in Figure 1.

The acidity of snow and ice is generally higher during the summer.Using the method developed in chapters one and two, chapter four argues that Ecclesiastes is dependent on Gilgamesh.A first set of arguments focus on the historical connections of dating, genre identification, and descriptions of the economy described in Ecclesiastes that suggest Qohelet could have known Gilgamesh.This dissertation argues that Qohelet, the author of Ecclesiastes, directly quotes the Epic of Gilgamesh.The specific quotation comes from Gilgamesh tablet X which is quoted by Ecclesiastes 9:7-10.

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Not surprisingly, they assign vast ages to ice deep within the cores.