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Yet apparently that was still a bit intimidating for Doug Liman and Matt Damon, who were visibly freaked out.The excellent came out in 2002, but this would have been a great marketing opportunity for the brand.After dating actresses Minnie Driver and Winona Ryder, Damon has hitched up with Affleck's personal assistant, Odessa Whitmire. Despite a stellar career, the Boston native and Harvard dropout has a reputation for being a beer-drinking, sports-loving, garden-variety dude. "But there are worse things to be called than a regular guy."Bourne Identity co-star Potente (Run Lola Run) would not quibble with the label.But his new squeeze's humble occupation, he predicted, won't make or break the romance."It's usually just the person," Damon said. When she needed to re-dye her hair during filming, Damon, not an assistant, rushed down the stairs of their Prague hotel with 10 buckets of water. Damon was about to return to London to finish a stint onstage in This is Our Youth, about New York slackers.

But he insisted he feels no pressure to rustle-up more box-office bucks. "All the Pretty Horses was an unqualified failure, and yet it was my favorite movie I've ever worked on."In the midst of one of his busiest career stretches, Damon has found love with a regular gal. That's about all the responsibility I can handle right now."His connection with a woman who doesn't carry a SAG card makes sense.

It is no secret that shooting any sort of love or sex scene in a movie can be awkward.

There's a camera pointed at you, a director telling you what to do, usually all kinds of crew around and on top of all that you may have to do multiple takes with someone you barely know.

This can be a strange and challenging experience for all involved.

So, sometimes a little liquid courage goes a long way.

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Slogans like 'Jäger: So you can be Jason Bourne ready' or 'Jäger: Helping Jason Bourne get it on since 2002' were ripe for the taking.

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