Mary jo eustace dating

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Mary jo eustace dating

Just when you thought the world was safe and that beloved sports figures would stay beloved, another ball finds it’s way into the sand trap of life.Tiger Woods – the most disciplined and seemingly perfect man of all time has shanked big time and he wasn’t even holding a golf club – someone else was….For this particular episode she devoted the whole hour to divorce and it was her highest rated show ever.Her questions and observations were very astute and I easily shared my story warts and all.Even Joy said of her divorce it was the worst time of her whole life and that she had never been more miserable or at a loss to who she was.But as I said to her – seems like you kind of came out the other side.We were supposed to use it as a jumping off point to talk about woman who no longer wanted to stand by their man, but things got a little murky right from jump.First of all, am I the only one who thought Tiger Woods didn’t have sex?

Firstly, how could any of our truly beloved figures have ever remained beloved – John F. Martin Luther King, Bob Hope (yes even Bob Hope was known to swing his club in a extra curricular fashion) if they had of been under this type of public scrutiny?

My experiences from the last few years had taught me that I could count on myself to come through and one way or another, perfect or flawed, I would give it my best shot.

And beyond that whatever happened, I would ENJOY the experience. I was actually excited to talk about the book and what I had learned through the experience.

Story after story of the fallen male figure – from the glib and permanently tanned politicians and religious leaders to the much respected David Lettermen and now Tiger Woods. So another one bites the dust and I am kind of nervous to see who is next.

So is my Aunt Sue, one of my favorite people and the best nun ever.

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I must admit before I left I was a little, how to you say, ‘on edge.’ The opportunity to promote this book meant so much to me professionally and personally that I did not want to blow it.