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We scrambled around the still empty house looking for money, and flew out the door to trade it for happiness on a stick. This is the second season that the ice cream truck has been spreading treats around, and I hope that it returns next summer.He said all of the carbon that comes out is already sold to companies in Juarez that make inks or paint.Janet White, president of the Otero County Tea Party, on Thursday requested commissioners wait to pass anything until the next work session since she didn't see it during the work session July 13 , but a private activity bond between private entities.Grace said in organic chemistry, through time, temperature and pressure, anything organic can be turned back into some of its basic elements. Computers can also be thrown into the reactor, which breaks them down into oil and a number of inorganic compounds like silver, gold and platinum. Then they are tossed in the desert, and he said there are big piles of tires in the Mexican desert. R.'s process is already sold to companies in Juarez that make inks or paint, but they got another contract with a company in Ohio that will pay more for the carbon and wants to buy all of it. Galarza said everything gleaned from the recycled tires - the carbon, oil and steel - is sold.

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A faithful attendee of Otero County Commission regular, work sessions, special meetings and budget meetings for over 8 1/2 years. Otero County can only reach its full potential by adherence to the principles that created our representative Republic. I don't know anyone who believes that County employees are volunteers and not compensated for their work. Talk about redistribution, this is a classic example.

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  1. They're desperate, chatty, needy, strange -- and the clock is ticking. Everyone's in on the action: a hopeless people-pleaser, a Frenchman, a guy hung up on his previous girlfriends, an art therapist, a clown, and more.