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And to the extent that it was marginally more progressive than old Testament Israel, I would argue that this was a big mistake that led to the disaster we now suffer.

Giving women legal status similar to that of pets would have two effects: It would reward civilized behavior, and it would raise fertility to Timor Leste levels.

There comes a time in the relationship when you need to give her some beta provider game, or else you will lose her.

Thus for civilization, must have patriarchy, and that patriarchy will be very forcefully resisted by women howling for their demon lover, and has to be very forcefully imposed on those women. Well, England before 1810 or so was fairly successful at keeping women in line, and frequently deployed methods that would make the Taliban blush, methods that horrified the Victorians.I would be happy to date gold diggers if I got laid that way, but I don’t get laid that way – OK, I did get laid by one gold digger, but it was part of a plot to commit paternity fraud. The chick needs to think that by laying you, serving you, and obeying you, she reveals the soft nice guy inside your harsh exterior. Similarly, when you catch a fish, got to give it a hard jerk to set the hook.You let it run only after it is well and truly hooked.The hyperlinks with this icon are “affiliate links”.Some individuals don’t like them but it really makes no difference when it comes to price to you or even quality.

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It is precisely the girl with the good family and a loving father who is disinclined to have sex with the nice guy.

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