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Lucia micarelli and josh groban dating

And you know, that’s great, but it’s been so nice to come to L. And the audience, afterward when I do meet and greets and things like that, I get so many comments about the other musicians in the band. A., before I met people who did session work, I literally didn’t even know that world existed. quite a few times on tour with other artists as a guest soloist or something in other people’s shows, and so whenever we would do that those artists would pick up an orchestra or at least a string section. Then are people that I met in that string section who now I see all the time. I love being uncomfortable and out of my element, and I love meeting people who are also musicians but have a different background or have a different path than I do.I’m so happy that I’ve met all these people because it’s really fed me, it’s really challenged me. And also, when we work with an amazing composer on an amazing project it’s very exciting. It never even occurred to me that there was this pretty small group of musicians that played on almost all of the recordings and films and television. I just think that the more information that I come cross and the more people that I meet, we can just absorb so much.It can give you so much in any capacity, whether it’s a professional capacity or it’s just you’re playing with your friends or playing for yourself. We have a campaign going on right now called “Keeping the Score in California.” That’s exciting. I know that does a lot for bringing work into cities, just from the acting I’ve done and then all the friends I have in the acting world, that that’s a big deal.And you can have it with you throughout your whole life. One of the things I noticed when I first moved to L. was, musically, I sensed this feeling of more open-mindedness in terms of trying to do something a little out of the box. Having belonged to two unions (AFM and SAG-AFTRA), what does it mean to you to be a union member? I do think that in these creative fields you can feel really isolated, like you’re just sort of grinding away, and you’re all alone.After moving to Hawaii at age 5, she debuted as a soloist with the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra a year later.

It’s not about being perfect or being the best at something. One of the things we’re working on right now is a music-scoring tax credit for the state’s Film and Television Tax Credit bill.

I don’t know that I understood the music intellectually, but I was really moved by music. That really speaks to the power of music and how it communicates in so many ways, and on so many levels. My mom tells me when I was little she was like, “I don’t even know if you were any good, but whenever you would have to play a concert you would look so emotional and you’d make all these faces, it was very convincing.” I’ve always been so moved by music, and I think everyone is.

I think about that a lot too — why does music even exist?

In the session world, people come from all different backgrounds and everybody has different strengths, and when you put together a group of that kind of diverse talent, everybody is challenging me and teaching me all the time. I get to pop into sessions from time to time, onto the scoring stage, and it’s always a thrill. So when I first started doing that work I was like, wow. So I’m learning and trying to learn all the time, and through that you meet so many people and you can collaborate with people. Music is about connection, and I think similarly the music quote-unquote “business” is also about connection — and not just in a weird, networky, “I gotta meet the right people” way, but really just, if you love what you’re doing and you love this music and you wanna share it, or you just love music so much that you are interested in what other people are doing, and you go and you see stuff and meet people and you keep growing your community…

It felt like I was invited into a little secret club to get to see how it’s all done. first and foremost, you’re growing your own awareness of what’s out there, and so it feeds you in your craft, and then as a byproduct it ends up feeding you in your life because it exposes you to more and more.

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It was the first time I had ever enjoyed listening to the violin.

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