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Not all Jewish people supported the Herodian stance, however.

The Pharisees (who arguably merged into the Zealots) were deeply opposed to it and were incensed by the inroads that Hellenism continued to make into the Jewish religion.

The Sadducees, the elite of which the Romans favoured, had the majority of the Sanhedrin (the ruling house) and defended Herod, the client king of Rome.Some subjects of Roman rule were happy to trade their religious freedom in favour of the cult of Caesar for the benefits of sanitation, for example. Since 312 BCE, under Seleucos I Nicator, Greek culture flourised.However, after the Hasmonean dynasty, this Hellenisation became more than that of Greek culture and the cosmopolitan way of llife.When Pontius Pilate was elected by the senate to take the reins of the procurator of Jerusalem in 27 CE, the relations of the common Jewish man and the Roman people were in tatters.Pilate shared the same disdain for the Jewish people as Emperor Tiberius and quickly began to bring about a new kind of cult to replace the Jewish religion in the area. He had the same indifference to the Jewish populace as Pilate but did not have the political intellect to calm the tense Jewish society when things turned sour.

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With the Romanization of the Jewish Hellenised classes came a recrudescence of corruption that had previously flared under Antiochus IV Epiphanes and the Seleucid rule.