Jewish man dating gentile woman dating midland services

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Jewish man dating gentile woman

Hence, the objection that the Jews have is when someone who is racially Jewish marries someone who is not racially Jewish.

Those rabbis don’t mind at all if an observant Jew marries a Jew who is not observant.

I notice that you did not actually contradict anything that I said about Mark Zuckerberg; however, you used a tone and a context that suggested that you did. Marc Lipshitz said: Yes, I actually DID contradict what you said about Zuckerberg or did you miss the fact that I said he got flack for marrying a non-Jew, and would have gotten the same flack regardless of the race of the woman!

But hey, no wonder an anti-Semite lying about Jews deliberately tries to misrepresent what I said! Yes, Mark Zuckerberg got flack for marrying a non-Jew, but he got flack specifically for marrying someone who is not Jewish by race.

As far as Jews are concerned a convert is 100% Jewish and it has always been this way — we even have a book in the Tanakh number [!There is a portion in the Torah named after a convert — Yitro.You, however, just try to push the standard anti-Semitic line, the same one that the Nazis used to justify their killing of Jews, that Jews are a race.David Sims said: Of course I am an “anti-Semite” — in the sense that Jews hate what I say.You seem to have a very common kind of confusion, Marc.

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The objection that Jews have isn’t toward someone practicing Judaism who marries someone who does not practice Judaism.