Is dylan sprouse dating miley cyrus

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So in the order of their birth we have, Brandi Glen Cyrus (28), Trace Cyrus (27), Christopher Cody Cyrus (24), Miley Ray Cyrus (23), Braison Cyrus (21) and Noah Cyrus (16).Miley Cyrus brothers are three in number, so let’s start from the top, with Trace as brother number one.

On more than one occasion , she has played for her sister and father while they were on tour.Billy was also previously married to Cindy Smith and he had son with Kristin Lucky before he settled down with Tish.Aside from the fact that he is Miley Cyrus father, Billy is also famous in his own right; he is a singer, songwriter and actor.Miley has two sisters, each as different as their different fathers.Brandi Cyrus was born on May 26, 1987, she shares the same parents as Trace Cyrus and was also adopted by Billy.

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Yes, people, they dated the children of the popular Arnold Schwarzenegger.