Intimxdating us girls

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Intimxdating us girls

There's not much to getting past this one except more practice with social and conversation skills so you feel more comfortable in their presence.

I think everyone feels a little uneasy and off-balance when they're around those handful of people who just seem to have everything going for them.

But if they've done it twenty times in the past already a lot of the fear will have evaporated.

Smart, competent individuals may have status and authority.

They may be really outgoing as well, which can add in all the problems from the point above.

I find their intimidating aura shrinks when you just have more experience with them.

A lot of employees are intimidated by their managers, or students by their professors.

Someone may also be nervous around police officers, high-status professionals like doctors and lawyers, religious authorities, or employees who have power in a particular establishment, like bouncers or bartenders.

What also helps is improving your own confidence and social skills.

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He invited her over, but she told him she didn't know if that would be ok "because your friend (me) looked too good for us"...told me that later after we had talked a bit and I was like WTF..

Similar stories just like this have happened before.

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They can be scary in their own right because you worry you'll do or say something stupid around them and they'll call you out on it.

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