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These are just some of the ways intimate partner violence and sexual assault manifest in queer relationships.

There are distinctions among different subgroups and other vulnerabilities that can be exploited, such as a person’s race, immigration status, and financial and housing situation.“We need to not think of LGBTQ [intimate partner violence] as this monolithic experience,” says Messinger.

In 2016, at least 23 transgender people were killed. Nearly three quarters of them said they were turned away because of their gender identity.

Some trans women reported being turned away from shelters that claimed to be for women.

Data from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs confirms these fears.

Some LGBTQ people worry that approaching the police can end in their wrongful arrest.Even physical abuse can be subtle, including shoving, pinching, twisting an arm, and nonconsensual biting or slapping during sex.Vasquez recalls a daydream where she imagines the physical abuse is more apparent, making it easier to get help.The abuser may target a person just as they are grappling with their sense of gender or sexual identity, manipulating and undermining the victim’s sense of who they are and where they belong in the world.The abuser may use a person’s gender or transgender status against them by making them feel ashamed of being gender queer, refusing to call them by their preferred pronoun and stopping them from expressing their gender identity through clothes or medications.

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There was jealousy, screaming, and hostility towards Vasquez's friends when they overheard the fighting.

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