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Guy dating too busy

You'll have found someone who makes time especially for you, just like you deserve.If you’re anything like the amazing guys we work with every day, you are smart, active, and even involved with your community. By the end of the day, they can feel too spent to muster the energy for their dating lives. Here’s how one client put it: “For me, I was always putting off meeting someone until I’ve achieved X goal.

Once you hear Ken’s story, you’ll then learn the exact time management methods we helped Ken use.

Here’s what came of his reflections: As Ken was talking, we were doing a happy dance at the other end of the line.

This type of thinking was an amazing step in the right direction. He knew that meeting people was worth it; he just needed to find time in his social life calendar for actually dating someone.

So what becomes the chief problem when it comes to dating? What’s important to note is that many introverts use a packed schedule as an EXCUSE to avoid dating awkwardness. Once X goal was achieved, I created Y goal just to procrastinate meeting someone.

Whether it’s work, yoga class, volunteer work, time with family, travel, or grad school; SOMETHING seems to be hungrily gobbling up their hours.

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And all he gives you is a few-syllable text to explain himself.