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Giants stadium sedating

There are hundreds of supplementary experiments that will be carried out over the course of the next few years.So far, scientists have only been able to scratch the surface of particle physics.That said, we need to guard against using high science for destructive purposes.The last century was witness to several scientific discoveries and inventions such as the atomic bomb that led to the loss of thousands of lives and untold miseries.In some form or the other, they exist in areas — Haryana, western Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, as this week's 'honour killing' tragedy reminds us — that are known for hidebound patriarchy, for female infanticide and foeticide, and for appalling social indices particularly for the girl child. To defend them is not just illogical, it is downright sinful.Traditional practice and living heritage are all very well but these cannot be allowed to persist in the face of natural justice and commonly-held beliefs of decency, democracy and free choice.These are the prerogative of the state — unless outsourced to tribunals and other grievance redressal mechanisms in the case of consumer complaints or business disputes — and this principle is non-negotiable.The khap panchayats seek to undermine the law and the constitutional rights of Indian citizens. A crackdown and even a ban on such panchayats, at any rate severe restrictions on their mandate and the monitoring of their conduct by independent authorities — not local policemen who may fall prey to the same community pressure — is necessary.

It is the application of high technology that we need to be careful about.

However if you are a parent reading this blog post, or a teenager, I would hope that this post can help you understand a bit more of the reasons why caution should always be advised when dealing with these types of medications.

In awarding the death sentence to five people for the murder of a Haryana couple, victims of a so-called 'honour killing' in 2007, a Delhi court has taken the first step towards delegitimising khap panchayats.

This particle is supposed to give mass to matter and, therefore, confirmation of its existence will be a huge breakthrough to understanding the basic building blocks of the universe.

All of this proves how advanced scientific technology has become.

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