First date nightmares online dating dating beautiful women made easy

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First date nightmares online dating

If you’re going to lie about your height, maybe consider only adding 1 or 1.5 inches. He gets up to use the restroom and I realize, this dude is beyond intoxicated.

I had commented to him about the fact that he was drinking tequila as a shot and I thought it was a bit odd to be doing shots by yourself with no chaser or drink on its own but he swore he could handle it. He barely made it back to the bar, sits down and pulls a bag of cocaine out of his pocket.

As I sat there thinking about this contract, something started welling up inside me. I could barely get the ‘No’ out of my face I was laughing so hard.

A clear realization that this is the most amazing thing that has happened to me in awhile. The most unfortunate part of this date, I left a bar without having a drink.

Obviously when online dating, you have to find the other person attractive – I don’t swipe right if I don’t find them attractive, that’s stupid.

Plus, they need to be taller than me – this one sometimes bites me because I will start talking to a guy and actually want to meet him but at that point, I’m too far in to be like – ‘hey how tall are you?

Dating guys my age is almost over, but not quite, the cusp of the frat boy/bro mindset.

I am very leery of the guys that have multiple professional photos or professional photos, I mean c’mon. He had all photos of Patrick Bateman which I mean, duh, I was never going to swipe left?!

But the standard left applies if someone has memes or logos or blurry, taken from behind them, landscape shit.

He made it to the restroom and I asked the bartender for the tab – I was done. He throws said bag onto the bar, tells me that he just ‘ripped a buncha lines so he is ready to party’.

At this time, he is sitting to my right at the bar, on the left…a prostitute.

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Therefore any site that allows me to, I put an age minimum requirement to contact me (no maximum though…? If I start texting someone on Monday and they’re free to meet up for a drink after work – sure!

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