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Ayers tells ET that the couple has been dating since November 2016.“I’ve never been happier! "We met in Indianapolis in November 2016 and began dating.

We recently bought a house in Mississippi and we’re moving back there next month to be closer to my older children and my parents.”Ayers hasn't been shy about his romance with Linderman, sharing photos of the two on social media. JJY02j Ev9— Brooks Ayers (@Brooks Ayers) March 21, 2018Ayers also tells ET that he hasn't stayed in touch with Gunvalson.

She wanted to keep her relationship with him private.

When she told the execs at Bravo that she didn’t want him to be on the show, they told her that they were going to be giving her a much smaller role if Brooks was not part of the show.

In the end, her 16-year marriage ended and she was forced to move on.

Gunvalson and Ayers split up in August 2015 after dating on and off since 2011 while the 10th season of was airing -- which focused heavily on questions surrounding Brooks’ possible cancer diagnosis.

Vicki and her boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, have had a very tumultuous relationship for several years.

When Vicki found out that she was suffering from stage 3 cancer, her heart broke.

She believes that the pressure of being on the show put a wedge in between Donn and herself, and it was the end of their marriage.

She believes that he couldn’t handle the sudden fame and recognition.

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He later admitted to forging medical records related to his diagnosis. It's weird.”“I did not speak to him at all, and I haven't spoken to him …

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