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ART Drug Regimen Pickup, Adult intake, food assistance, lab test, etc).Each encounter has an encounter type, date/time, location and provider.Encounters are typically represented as a form (consisting of hundreds of observations), but could also be a touch-screen patient registration or a single lab test for CD4.For example, a patient visits a health center or hospital.To even further simplify the concept dictionary, one could compare it to an infinitely large Excel spreadsheet, where patients are represented as rows and concepts are represented by columns.The concept is the basic element of flexibility in Open MRS.For each electronic form completed for that patient, a new encounter is created.

A concept have at least one fully-specified name (in any locale). By default, this is the fully-specified name; however, full-specified names are sometimes long and more detailed than necessary for day-to-day use.If the question is "What is the name of your first pet? It would not be possible to provide a complete list of every possible name for your pet.In this example, there would be one concept -- "name of first pet".Concepts are the individual data points collected from a population of patients. For example, blood type data is collected for a patient.The question is "What is the blood type for the patient?

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