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Dating women 4 kids

This week, I had someone ask if I have any blog posts with advice for women dating a man with kids. Mostly because I didn’t start writing this blog until after my husband and I got married (and I subsequently found myself sitting on the bathroom floor, bawling my eyes out, thinking about what would happen if I got in the car and drove far, far away …. well kind of) If you’ve been following for a while, you know the story about that night on bathroom floor – it’s what inspired me to start this platform in the first place. Yes, I know that’s the obvious point, but honey I REALLY want you to think about what that means.

Anyways, I told this girl that while I didn’t have anything written, I’d be happy to whip something up for her, because THERE IS a lot that a woman in this position should consider. I know men with kids are pretty sexy – and it’s great to see those father figures doing their thing…

This is often the most frustrating thing for stepmoms.

It may be difficult for your boyfriend to find balance between you (his dating life) and them (his family life).

She isn’t going anywhere and the kids aren’t going anywhere either.

When you hook up with a man with kids, you’re essentially getting a package deal. It’s something you REALLY need to wrap your head around!

I think that it’s important for your boyfriend to talk to the kids about meeting you so they aren’t blindsided! Early on in our relationship, I brought up a very tough, but very necessary conversation.

It’s important to consider where they are at in the process of dealing with their parent’s divorce – are they struggling? We were lying on the bed, and I turned and looked at my now husband, and said I was specifically referring to marriage and kids.

That and everyone else in your situation is also dealing with their own version of emotions, so things can get complicated and quickly.)To this day, I have not met a stepmom who feels like step-parenting has been easier than they thought!

You may feel awkward at events as the new girlfriend, especially around those who knew your boyfriend while he was married.

There can be a major transition period – just know it does pass – it does get better!

[YOU MAY WANT TO READ: How To Shake The Insecurities That Come From Being The Second Wife]Please, always respect the kids..

Remember, they didn’t sign up for divorced parents, two separate homes or new adults coming into their lives.

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Like I said above, there are many emotions that come with step-parenting or dating a man with kids.