Dating website for pot smokers Sex chats free no login

Posted by / 11-May-2019 21:18

It ended up being everything I hoped it would be and much more.

And, even if you cannot find an app that works right away — stay patient.Conclusion: 420 Bang Me Is Weed Friendly Fuck Dating At Its Finest If you’re into smoking weed, I highly recommend 420 Bang Me.It has a good reputation, it’s initially 100% free to join and I definitely see why it’s considered to be a great site. Word to the wise; your weed supply greatly increases your chances of banging so make sure you pack plenty of ganja for your smoking sex date with each girl.I had some of the best sex of my life with these girls and it wasn’t just because I was completely stone. If this review doesn’t convince you to try 420 Bang Me, then I don’t know what to say to you.They provide a 3-month “Bang Me” guarantee which means that should you not hook up in 3 months, you will get an extra 3 months free.

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If you have anywhere close to the luck I had on the site; you will hook up long before the 3 months are up.

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