Dating the enemy hippy

Posted by / 17-Aug-2019 17:21

Dating the enemy hippy

They blind us to the intangibles, they distort our values, and they encourage greed, gluttony and an institutionalized lack of integrity and respect for basic, GOD given rights.Your new Mercedes that you had to have to keep appearances at the office?On a normal day, the clothes I throw on have no plan whatsoever besides allowing me to go in public. Oh, you don’t think I should wear that flannel in public?Is there some new law forbidding that sacred pattern? Ok great, I never asked you to wear it and probably wouldn’t let you if you paid me.

But step back for a sec – whose definition of success are we talking about?

Newsflash, tie-dye and weed don’t make you a hippie. I can’t see inside your head but I’m going to say that you don’t like my ideas because they don’t align with the mantra that the media feeds you.

One thing I will agree with this common stereotype on is the “social misfit,” though I would like to reframe that into “counter cultural.” The hippie movement held counter cultural at the core of its existence. In case you forgot, it’s about half “America can do no wrong” and another half “Kardashian baby names are more important than genocides and terrorism because American (caucasian) lives are inherently more valuable than all others.” Yes, by watching CNN religiously, you passively support their underlying message that America matters above all else.

My point being, if you disapprove because you’re worried about me, please realize that my path isn’t intended to end where you think it should, so take joy in knowing that my path’s “wrong turns” aren’t wrong at all when their entire intention is to take me a different direction.

I think materialism and commercialism poison us when we let them control us relentlessly.

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What if I told you that the polarization and demonization of the two-party system that you hold so dear here in America is ludicrous? Anyway, I’m not here to teach a class on politics, I’m not even a thorough source, but have you seen Germany’s multi-party system? I have friends who actually belong to the Pirate Party. Because in a MULTI-party system, all perspectives get a seat at the table provided they amass enough votes to pass the seat threshhold which varies by country.